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22-10-2009, 06:03  
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Domyślnie Wzór podania o urlop macierzyński

Musze napisac list informujący pracodawce ze odchodze na urlop macierzynaski i kompletnie nie wiem jak sie do tego zabrac. Czy ktos mogłby mi podac wzór takiego listu. Dzięki.
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22-10-2009, 07:20  
Eliss na Forum Prawnym
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Domyślnie RE: Wzór podania o urlop macierzyński

nie ma , zadnego wzoru po prostu piszesz , z\e od tego dnia chcesz przejsc na urlop macierzynski.
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23-10-2009, 22:34  
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Domyślnie RE: Wzór podania o urlop macierzyński

Employer's name: ……
Staff or payroll number: ……….
National Insurance number: …….

Dear ……………..

I am writing to let you know that I am pregnant and to notify you of when I want to start my
Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) if I am eligible for it.

My baby is due in the week beginning…….. (example: Sunday 15 Nov 2009-tydz poprzedzajacy date porodu, w moim przypadku termin21listopada a tydz poprzedzajacy 15listopada).

My MATB1 certificate, or other document signed by my doctor or midwife, which confirms this:

- will be given to you shortly

Note that I will not get a MATB1 certificate more than 20 weeks before my baby is due.

If I qualify for SMP 39 paid weeks, I would like to start ………..-data kiedy chcesz przejsc. Before I go I will use my ….left holidays. If I wish to change this date I will give you at least 28 days notice I understand that the actual payment will be made in the same way as you usually pay my wages, so I will be paid on the day I am usually paid on. You will be able to recover most or all of the SMP from the government. Please tell me whether I qualify and what amounts I will receive.

If my leave starts on my intended date, my maternity leave will finish on ……… and I am therefore due back to work on the next working day after this. However, you are required to write to me to confirm the date I am due back. If I want to change the date I am coming back to work, I must give you at least eight weeks notice.

If I am unable to return, for example because I am sick, the normal rules for my job will
apply. If I decide that I do not intend to return to work I must give at least the notice
period required by my contract of employment.

It would be helpful to talk to you about whether there are any health and safety issues we
need to address while I am pregnant, as well as how to plan my maternity leave, how we will
both keep in touch during my leave and my return to work.

I look forward to hearing back from you.

Yours faithfully
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